Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 2, 3/12: Building Hospitals!

On my application for HODR (pron. Hoe-dur) I checked the box for carpentry as I had some experience apprenticing at Lemur Music as a double-bass lutheir. As fine of woodworking as that is, nothing beats actually creating walls out of stacks of lumbar, and having a wall by the end of the day. My hammering got much better... and really is just an issue of trying to minimize the hits through combined accuracy and abandonment by utilizing leverage. (Right?) But yeah, three hits, sunk-- pure elegance. After lunch I also got the opportunity to assess the lots, employing my mathematic and Pythagorean skills to ensure a level building platform, then adjusting with gravel and slag.

The highlight of the day, which is a recurring theme around here, was playing with the kids. If I had more bandwith, I would upload a video of Joe (a big tree of a man) 'shadow-boxing' three Haitian kids simultaneously. So many children and little boys (and girls), (but especially boys), are very creative fun-seekers. Lots of hand-made toys, games, and curious interactions. They are also super helpful! Holding boards, returning empty wheel-barrows... you have to keep an eye out when you are using tools, but engaging with kids can both have legitimate returns in helping on projects, while also bridging some of the tentative distance between the volunteers and adult Haitian people.

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